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Corporate Investigators in Uganda

GREVESGROUP®, a prominent investigation services provider in Uganda has been known to offer unparalleled and professional investigative services. With a team of professionals having extensive experience and knowledge in the investigation industry, we use this strength to solve some of the most complex cases and offer a solution to our clients, an aspect that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Our chief aim is to assist the companies in Uganda with highly proficient services that work to minimize their risk factors including scams, thefts, malpractices, spying, and important information leak that could jeopardize their name and brand along with the smooth functioning. Having been in the industry for decades, we have built strong relations with a vast network of investigators. This has given us easy access and penetration into the region and. With the latest technology in use, our team of investigators receives first-hand information regarding the true situation.

Anti-counterfeiting Investigations in Uganda

Our team of professionals follows an ethical approach when undertaking anti-counterfeiting investigations. Whether you are a new brand or an already established name in the industry, we understand how valuable an asset is your company’s name and reputation for you. With years of industry experience on the table and the ability to solve some of the most complex yet interesting cases successfully, we can assure you of undertaking your project with complete professionalism.

After getting on board with your project, our dedicated team would begin by drafting a plan of action that will safeguard your brand’s reputation from counterfeiting. Our primary concern would be to avert any further acts of piracy that would risk your company’s image in the International industry.

The team of anti-counterfeit investigators would work diligently to tailor-make a plan specifically for your business requirements. Whether it is to safeguard your brand’s global presence or to pursue counterfeit products, you can be assured of receiving services that would save your product’s image in the industry.

Death Claim Investigations in Uganda

We are a popular name as a death claim investigation company in Uganda that develops surveillance plan to keep a tab on claimant’s activities as suspected insurance fraud. Our team of undercover operatives would work towards gathering all the vital information and evidence about the claimant that would help you prove an insurance claim fraud.

Our team understands how sensitive a death claim investigation can be, and hence the margin for an error is almost negligible. In investigations like these, separating fakes from facts becomes quite cumbersome since people, even though being entirely honest; still find it difficult to put forth a strong case. There are numerous categories of fraud claims that concern death claim investigations including presenting fake documents and identities along with paperwork. Our team works towards authenticating the genuineness of the papers presented. Being vigilant while conducting death claim investigations is of utmost significance and our team understands this aspect of the investigation.

Corporate Background Check in Uganda

Corporate screening services offered by the team help reduce your risk of fraud by conducting a detailed investigation into your prospective employee’s background like criminal history, scamming, or cases of unprofessional attitude. Following a professional approach towards conducting a corporate background investigation, we can assure you of providing authentic information regarding you’re the background of your employee with his previous organizations including facts like if he’s ever been terminated from any company and if yes, the reason for the same, and lastly whether he has a history of a felony and took money from the company’s accounts.

You as an employer would not be aware of the thought process of your team or an employee whom you trust and might be deciding on promoting to a higher pay scale and position. Believe it or not, a company is the most vulnerable in the hands of employees who have stayed for more than 3 years. Hence, conducting a check on the working and dealings of these employees is highly significant. Our professional investigators would be at regular intervals conducting a background check of such employees hence reducing the risk of any fraud.

Business Background Check in Uganda

Business background investigation is one of the many investigations that team at GREVESGROUP® holds expertise in. Understanding how complex it could be for you as an entrepreneur to conduct a background check on your corporate partner, considering how easy it is to change one’s name and city or country, our specialists work towards authenticating every minor detail for helping you make a better business decision. This would help you focus on conducting your business operations with a peace of mind and collaborate with a genuine company and individual.

The business background investigators help you by providing a detailed and well-researched report including bankruptcy if any. This is significant particularly in the situation where the collaboration has been made for handling your company’s finances, assets, and accounts. Not just this, this investigation is important before you decide on hiring someone for the posts of executives and managers. The investigators would work towards offering you a detailed analysis of his or her company’s past experience and knowledge in the finance industry. This report would help you make a better decision towards maintaining your company’s integrity and credibility in the industry.

Asset Tracing Services in Uganda

GREVESGROUP® has been successfully handling asset tracing and recovery cases for the clients for years because of the extensive experience and knowledge of the professionals along with an in-house legal segment for solving legalities. The company has established strong relations with partners abroad that have made the local knowledge regarding the dealings easy. We absolutely believe that having strong relations with local partners helps in solving the cases better because of their extensive knowledge regarding the local laws and work culture. We are constantly striving to cater both segments of clients including commercial and private with expert intelligence reports about the assets they have been seeking. So much of an effort is being put into this analysis because we understand the significance of the investigation it holds for you and your company’s interests.

We completely believe the significance of a timely and accurate intelligence report and this is what differs us from amateur investigators. Because of decade old experience in the industry, we are well aware of how to dig out raw information and presenting with reliable facts that can be presented in the court.

Background Checks in Uganda

We have the reputation of being the best background verification company in Uganda assists companies by helping them avoid falling prey to the business associates who have a past poor credit history. A detailed verification of their past financial dealings would help you make an informed decision regarding their business ethics and you could decide over setting up the terms beforehand.

As an entrepreneur, you would be inclined towards sponsoring a charity as a step towards expanding your footing in the industry. But before you do so, going for a background check is very important simply because there would be few charities that wouldn’t even be registered or the finances wouldn’t be managed properly. Hence, hiring the background verification services becomes important to ensure that you are not investing in an illegitimate venture, and also the accounts have been maintained properly.

Insurance Claim Investigations in Uganda

Our insurance claim investigators in Uganda have been working in the industry for decades are highly diligent and experienced in their approach towards conducting insurance investigations without taking any shortcuts. Our investigators are highly skilled and experienced in surveillance, witness tracing, and developing sketch plans, all three highly significant for conducting a thorough investigation.

The investigators associated with us are highly skilled and proficient in their job. They work with a sole purpose in mind and that is to offer unparalleled insurance claim investigation services to the clients both on-field and off-field. Our company and professionals operate with a primary goal in mind and that is to offer a detail-oriented, transparent, and economical insurance claim investigation services in Uganda.

The investigator dedicatedly working on your case would design and structure a surveillance plan for monitoring the activities of the claimant, depending on the category of insurance fraud he might have committed. Our professionals also have the necessary training and skills to work as undercover operatives who gather important information about the lives of the claimants for gathering information that might prove a fraud.

Brand Protection Services in Uganda

The professional brand protection services offered by our team helps our clients to minimize the perils of counterfeit products from being sold in the market alongside enhancing the brand value and growth of the company. Our constant dedication and passion for offering professional brand protection services in Uganda and helped us built a catalog of happy, successful, and prominent clients from diverse industries.

Our clients can expect a revenue increase since we work with an approach to mark all the original products for further avoiding situations like counterfeiting and adulteration. With this, we have been successfully able to strengthen our client’s market transparency, securing the supply chains, and enabling manufacturers to closely monitor the inventories. This step helps the clients get financial and manufacturing predictability.

We have a team of the most experienced investigators who are well adept to use the latest technology in the industry for assisting our clients in identifying any counterfeiting of the products or brand.

IP Rights Investigations in Uganda

We have left a footprint in the IP rights investigation industry. Throughout the investigation, we work with the client with a purpose to locate the online presence of the culprit and then take an action of the infringement of our client’s property. Our IP rights investigation team is a combination of lawyers and people retired from their jobs including forensic department, accounts and on-field investigators along with IT professionals holding expertise in the investigation including:

• Copyright and patent infringement
• Trademark investigations
• Counterfeiting and piracy investigations
• Customer and market data theft Investigations
• Intellectual property theft and "leak" investigations

Our team of IP rights investigators holds extensive experience and knowledge of the primary investigative techniques and approaches that are highly significant for any business. For gathering valid and useful information from the ground level, it’s extremely important to have deep knowledge of the country’s IP laws. Gathering preliminary information regarding the case thus becomes simple for the investigators further making them solve the case with ease.

Due Diligence Investigations in Uganda

Our team of professional due diligence investigators works towards offering advice, knowledge, and insights to the clients depending on their risk-taking capacity.

The due diligence services offered by us add value to your business through diligently collected and reported business insights including:

• Calculate the real risk of doing business in foreign and local markets
• Help out in an accurate decision-making
• Identify red flag issues
• Provide leverage for business assessment and negotiation purposes
• Authenticate that investment or acquisition criteria have been met
• Give confidence to potential investors to believe your business is risk-free in terms of fraud
• Guarantee the individual you’re buying a business from or selling to be reliable.

The idea behind this is to prepare the client with all the important information before he makes any business decision. The team follows a transparent approach while making the report so that the client gets an idea of what has been done along with an opportunity to give their valuable feedback and insights.

Private Investigations in Uganda

We have become a leading private detective agency in Uganda because of the success rate it has achieved so far for the clients. Fraudulence can take place anytime in the company operations owing to fraudulent transactions and data theft along with employment fraud and deceptive business relations. Business fraud within the company can happen in numerous ways including:

• Diversion of business
• Stealing a business’s confidential information including its client’s list
• Theft of goods
• Theft of money and assets
• Intellectual property appropriation
• Identity theft, fraudulent schemes and wrong accounting are peculiar frauds

Because of the increasing ratio of scams in the business industry and even domestically, the need for professional private investigation services has increased. The team at GREVESGROUP® ensures that the clients aren’t cheated in any way through check frauds, embezzlement, online fraud, or any other way.

Corporate Investigations in Uganda

Setting a benchmark as a corporate investigation services provider in Uganda, we offer services to the clients that help grow their business along with safeguarding their company from threats including frauds and cybercrime. The team further helps clients make a sound business decision for their business.

We help you become better than your competitors with corporate investigation services that are intelligent, analytically correct and helps you manage the business information together with identifying the probable risks that could result in fraudulent activities.

The undercover investigation services have assisted clients in dealing and solving issues like sexual harassment, kickback schemes, industrial espionage, substance abuse, workplace violence amongst others.

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