Death Claim Investigation Services

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Death Claim Investigators in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® understands the promise between the policy owner and the insurance company. It’s a delicate situation when reimbursement has to be made in case of a person’s death by terminal or critical illness.

We are equipped to handle that kind of situation with our decades of experience. Our reputation and trust to manage these cases have made us the most preferred death claim investigation services of East Africa.

Companies within the insurance sector will be well aware of the statistics regarding the fraudulent claims made by crooked people. The reason behind this is the ever increasing cost of the insurance sector that further results in huge losses. At GREVESGROUP®, we believe that each and every suspicious claim should be investigated and verified by professionals. We act on behalf of many insurance companies investigating the fraudulent and suspicious claims.

Our experienced team is capable of managing situations which include life, health, luggage claim, and trip delay.

With loads of experience behind us, we are capable to provide death claim investigations throughout the East African region. In the process, we work very hard to differentiate fakes from facts. But we have an immaculate track record in solving even the most complex of cases.

We help our clients to resolve insurance claim investigations by determining the facts about the claim including:

  • A policy holder’s authentic or certified death certificate
  • Proof of identity as the beneficiary
  • Complete proof of the death
  • Date of, time and place of death
  • Detail circumstances of death
  • In case the death took ace because of an illness, the records of the treatment
  • List the names and addresses of all treating physicians and hospitals
  • Lastly, any other possible aspect that could help in detecting the fraud

With a surge in fraud pertaining to death claim investigations has motivated us to dedicate a service specifically for death claim investigations. Seeing the sensitivities of these cases, we always follow the SOPs and customized services are developed to investigate each case separately.

Our experience determines that while addressing the following scope of work, even the minute piece of given data turns fruitful during field investigation.

GREVESGROUP® provides death claim investigation services to our clients so that they can avoid huge financial losses due to the false claims filed by some con artists. We carry out detailed investigation and verification of data provided related to the policy. Primarily we look for any false information or ineligible stakeholders of the policy.

To safeguard the interest of our clients we have developed customized services and SOPs for each case. Team of most experienced investigators unearths the facts even from the remotest parts of the world. This has been possible because of our extensive network developed with years of hard work. Our full-proof systems make it very difficult for the bogus claimants to succeed in their diabolical deeds. Our reputation for solving complex cases has made us industry leaders of death claim investigation in the African region.

Hiring an Investigator for Death claim investigation

Our dedicated investigator will develop a targeted surveillance plan to monitor the activities of the claimant, dependent on the type of insurance fraud suspected. The professionals working undercover would get involved in the lives of the claimants naturally to gather evidence that could prove any fraud.

We understand the sensitivity of cases related to death claim investigations. A lot of emotion is involved so the margin of error is negligible in the cases of this nature. People can sometimes be honest but can’t present the case properly so segregating fakes from facts becomes very tricky, but our team of expert’s makes tailor-made services and with their immense experience are able to solve the cases successfully.

Some other types of fraud claims related to death claim investigations include fake documents, identities, and supplementary paperwork; we verify the documents thoroughly to make sure of their authenticity. Vigilance is necessary at every step as the stakes are pretty high when dealing with death claim cases.

We believe the insurance companies should conduct an investigation even in minor cases since maximum frauds happen with smaller claims since people believe they could easily get away with it. These could include cases where the claimant intentionally damages his/her insured goods and property.

GREVESGROUP® death claim investigation services offer tactful solutions to establishing whether or not hard or soft insurance claims have been based on false evidence. We do this in the most pocket-friendly way for our clients by discussing the requirements and agreeing on a specific course of action prior to any final agreement. Clients can turn to us knowing that we always maintain accurate measures when investigating. Our mantra is to treat each case independently simply because cases of this nature require a humane angle while investigating.

We totally understand that the reputation of our clients depends on our actions so to check on smooth and efficient operations we have made dedicated teams of investigators and officers who work day and night off and on the field making sure the investigation is carried out appropriately. After the validation, a report is prepared and is approved through a chain of officers before being released to the client. All this happens in a clandestine environment to ensuring total respect for privacy for our clients. This system has proved to be pretty efficient in achieving satisfactory results for our clients and has made industry leaders in the death claim investigation agency in East Africa.

We are able to provide solutions to many suspected insurance claims including but not limited to:

  • Car accident and vehicle repair claims
  • Car accident personal injury claims
  • General personal injury claims
  • Health and medical claims
  • Disability and restricted ability claims

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