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Online Brand Protection Services in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® offers the best brand protection services in East African countries since online trade, branding, marketing everything is on the rise these days and so is the rise in counterfeit trade and fake branding.

With the latest technological advancements even the small businesses have been able to grow substantially but due to lack of knowledge about IP brand protection and trademark registrations, these businesses are falling prey to frauds related to fake branding a lot.

The internet has become the biggest tool in the counterfeit trade these days. The trick is fairly simple, you take up a brand copy its credentials develop packaging of the product buy counterfeit products from gray markets pack the product in the fake packaging and put it for sale online. All this happens openly but takes a lot of time for the real brand to identify the fraud and at that time a lot of damage is caused to the company. This is where the GREVESGROUP® brand protection services come in the picture. Our professionals would follow a tactful investigation approach primarily for identifying the culprits and maintaining the evidence in-hand through test procurement for successful prosecution.

With the experience of over a decade, our team of experts tackles the problem by identifying and then aggressively removing the IPR infringing goods from all the websites it operates through.

Investigate and Analyze

We don’t take any tip-off for granted. Every information is acted upon in detail.

So, before we start removing your counterfeited brand online, we run a full survey across all necessary trading platforms to identify and quantify the scale of the problem at hand.

Chalk out The battle plan

AAfter our search and diagnosis, you will:

  • Understand the scale of your online counterfeiting problem
  • Be well informed on the results you can expect to see from our work
  • Receive a clear transparent breakdown of our tailored fee

Eliminate the problem

GREVESGROUP® is a well-known name in the field of brand protection services here in East Africa. We have an immaculate record of solving even the complex of the cases making us an industry leader.

With the experience of over a decade we make sure that we solve even the complex of the case.

Our human-led approach allows us to adapt quickly to chase down the counterfeiter’s ever-changing ways of selling your counterfeited brand.

We will also give you:

  • Graphs on the number of listings removed and specifics such as the locations of the listings
  • List of the top infringing sellers
  • Information on what we can expect to see following our work
  • Our new plan of attack as serious online traders are exposed

Our reports are generated as per the requirement. We can customize them into weekly, monthly or even quarterly forms.

GREVESGROUP® Brand protection services enable our client to minimize the risk of counterfeit products entering into the market but at the same point increases the growth of the brand. We can boast that many major corporations ranging from pharmaceutical, spirits, food processing, and others are there on our client’s list. Our zeal to serve our clients has made us the first choice in brand protection services here in East Africa.

Our customers expect revenue growth as we mark all branded products to detect diversion, dilution, adulteration, and counterfeiting. Doing so, we have been able to manage to strengthen the market transparency, Supply chains become more secure, and manufacturers can monitor inventories more closely. This provides financial and manufacturing predictability.

Our brand protection solutions will help your business to

  • Have a thorough understanding on the online threats that would affect your brand and it’s digital growth
  • Implement a strategy that would help you get rid of shams
  • Find out if there’s any commercial-scale privacy invasion
  • Experience reduced online vulnerability of your brand
  • Witness and experience the positive results of the brand protection program on your business

Why GREVESGROUP® Brand Protection Services

GREVESGROUP® is the most trusted name for brand protection services in East Africa. When you associate with us it gets much safer for your business to operate smoothly. We have a huge community of brand protection experts who share the benefits of our collective power to stay ahead of the culprits makes it’s very convenient for our clients to run their business smoothly.

Inability to develop and follow a well-structured approach for safeguarding the brand can cost the company millions of dollars, clients, and industry reputation. Taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring is essential, and when an incident occurs, be prepared with a quick and thoughtful response is crucial.

GREVESGROUP® works strategically with clients and their legal counsel to manage and protect against theft, counterfeiting, diversion, and misappropriation of the following:

  • Customer Data
  • Trade Secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Patents

GREVESGROUP® is a benchmark company in brand protection services in East Africa. We have a team of most determined investigators to back them up we use the latest of the technology which is available in the market to help our clients in identifying online/offline counterfeiting of their brands and products. Our professional brand protection and IP protection services are the result of tactical and multi-disciplined work flow that covers aspects including, operational and cyber security, physical security, and human resource consulting.

In some cases, if the sensitive material is compromised, then our team works in tandem with clients to get the root of the issue. We investigate, identify and report the responsible culprit associated. Our team is experienced in investigating data breaches, IP loss and theft, and patent infringements.

We undertake all matters related to Brand Protection Services in East Africa right from IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, and IP Rights Online Monitoring Services, etc.

Our aim is to provide relevant and factual information that is productive and beneficial to our clients in brand protection and eliminating infringers.

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