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IP Rights Investigators in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® specializes in providing benchmark IP rights investigations in East Africa. It is very critical for any corporation big or small to protect itself for IP related frauds as it can spiral out control very quickly jeopardizing the future of the company in return apart from the inevitable financial losses.

The biggest damage is caused to the reputation of the company/brand as these counterfeit products are usually of low quality and when used can harm the consumer directly or indirectly. The ever increasing risks to brand integrity has been the result of enhanced use of internet, constant files sharing, attest and exciting technological advancements, and a lot more. We work on SOPs which are customized according to the needs of the clients, this system has helped us achieving desirable results for our clients and also helping us in taking the top spot in IP rights investigation services in East Africa.

The experienced and seasoned professionals of GREVESGROUP® help clients respond effectively to any suspected infringement on their intellectual property. This has enabled us to become industry leaders in IP rights investigations in East Africa.

GREVESGROUP® is a benchmark company dealing in IP rights investigations. We work in tandem with the client to first find the online footprint of the culprit then take action for any suspected infringement of their intellectual property.

GREVESGROUP® possesses an effective of lawyers and retired people for the justice department, forensic accountants, on-field investigators, IT experts who carry out a wide range of investigations which include:

  • Copyright and patent infringement
  • Trademark investigations
  • Counterfeiting and piracy investigations
  • Customer and market data theft Investigations
  • Intellectual property theft and "leak" investigations

In the service of complex intellectual property rights investigations, GREVESGROUP® brings to bear deep expertise in a number of key investigative methods, including:

On-Ground Information

Identification is crucial for any business. To gather information from the ground level it is very important to know the IP laws of the country. Once that is determined then it becomes easier for the investigators to retrieve preliminary information.


Training is a critical part of our system. Along with having a team of investigators who are capable of carrying out even the most complex investigations related to IP rights investigations. It is to be understood that we would be living in a fool’s paradise if don’t evolve and train for newer threats. A separate department makes sure that our new and old recruits constantly receive training according to the requirement.

Precise identification of the targets

Through informants, development of intelligence, database and statutory searches or visits on the ground. Identify through statutory searches and inquiries size, scope and connections of the target to determine whether there are connections that could cause future problems for investigation (police/military/political connections) and also gain an insight into whether damages recovery issues are possible.


GREVESGROUP® uses both traditional and latest technology to carry out an investigation. With this ingenious methodology, we have been able to crack and solve a lot of IP rights investigations here in East Africa. Our team of investigators has developed a huge network of informers and with their help and own experience investigations are carried out where frauds pertaining to the IP rights are identified and culprits are brought to the books.

Raids & Inspections

Once a target is located in the intellectual property investigation, we also assist in liaising with the local authorities in the East African region. We also take steps to arrange a raid, seize the counterfeit products, assist with documentation and obtain sanctions against the counterfeiter.

Illegal imports/exports

If it is found that the client has both imports and exports problem in East Africa. Following are some pointers:

A) To monitor sales by distributors and ensuring that sales and stock in the system.
B) Marking of codes to identify the source of a product on the product and packaging so that the source of products can be easily identified.
C) Regular monitoring of the market to identify as quickly as possible, potential sources of fraud import activities.
D) Use of legal tools in those jurisdictions which allow controls on parallel imports to stop the flow into those jurisdictions.

Monitoring of the market place

We are also capable of carrying out market research and an internet monitoring system to trace the origins of fake products, its suppliers and the sources of their manufacturers. We also provide services where we keep tabs on the trade fairs where these fake products are dealt with. Subsequently, we inform the clients and the law enforcement agencies which are responsible for dealing in cases pertaining to counterfeit products. Our track record has been immaculate which has made us a preferred agency for IP rights investigation in the East African Region.

In most of the cases, trademark-related frauds are linked to an inside job, where some ex-employee or a disgruntled employee is responsible for the breach. With our experience of over a decade related to the IP rights investigations has enabled us to carry out these investigations by utilizing investigators with different skill sets. We customize to suit the needs of the particular client we represent. Presence of a physical entity is always going to be there, but with our expertise in computer forensics, we are able to help our clients by gathering online data.

Trademark investigations

This investigation revolves around verifying the nature of investigation procedure. Under this segment, our professionals are approached by law firms that represent clients who are seeking to get a trademark registered, safeguard the trademark that has already been registered by them or verify any unlawful application of their trademark.

Site visits to business premises are often required, as are discreet inquiries with proprietors or operators to ascertain the nature and extent of the use of the trademark.

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