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Corporate Background Verifications in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® with decades of experience turns out to be the ideal choice for corporate background check in East African Countries. With expertise in the industry, we help companies, both small to large groups manage their recruitment threats and make the right employment decisions.

Companies in East African countries in the present scenario face new challenges on a daily basis, and thus need the services experienced and knowledgeable people to help them make the right decisions mandatory for their business growth. GREVESGROUP® is recognized for offering you with the best recruitment solutions, offering quality information via an extensive set of screening processes.

We hold pride in having an experience of working with an array of diverse organizational sizes and types that are present in the current universal business environment. By offering uncomplicated, efficient services, we work towards assisting you as an organization to work smarter. Having been in the industry for years, we have built a strong network of connections that works n collaboration to provide detailed and authentic information about employees.

The set of corporate screening services offered are designed to ease out the selection procedure for you and for you to build a team that proves to be assets to your company rather than being liabilities.

Pre-employment Screening and Criminal Record Checks

The employee background check services include a criminal record check of the employees who you have shortlisted to be a part of your company’s team. This is highly significant in the wake of the current scenario where a new fraud case against an employee is reported on a daily basis.

A corporate background check can help a company reduce the risk of fraud via screening:

  • Prospective employees having a history of criminal, scamming and unprofessional attitude: The background checks can address highly significant details of the employee’s past that you as an employer should be well aware of including any past criminal conviction or bankruptcies. Other than these, other aspects that would be catered to would be verifying whether the employee has a history of thieving from the company’s funds and or being terminated from the company.
  • Potential employees posing an increasing risk to the business because of a change in his position or circumstances: If surveys are to be believed, then the company is most vulnerable in the hands of employees who have been associated with it for the time span of three to five years. The employees find it easy to commit fraud since they are well aware of the internal controls. An extensive employee background screening program involves screening the employees at regular intervals or once his position is changed. A regular check would reduce the risk of these employees committing fraud in the company.

How does GREVESGROUP® Work?

The growth and development of the company depend on the efficiency of the employees. The individuals associated with the company with their dedication and skills make the company flourish. However, this isn’t always the scenario.

The specialists at GREVESGROUP® offering corporate screening services help you discover highly skilled employees with the right potential for your company’s growth from the ones who would do more damage to your company rather than any good.

Security checks and verification plays a significant role in screening the prospective employees who give their 100% to the company as compared to their counterparts who fall short of the caliber and attributes for progressive results.

Referred to be the best among employment background checks companies, GREVESGROUP® executes security check ensuring you are on the right path of hiring a skilled employee by verifying his industrious work ethics, his finances, and identity, aspects that strengthen trust and confidence. Another aspect that would be checked would be his integrity as an employee. This would signify his growth as a professional over the years along with his efficiency.

Categories of corporate and background check services offered at GREVESGROUP®:

Due Diligence Background Checks

  • This category of background checks covers all the aspects including employee’s social media, criminal records, and registries. You would be able to access whether the employee has been involved in any criminal conspiracy before, whether they are facing any on-going criminal charges or whether they have been terminated from past jobs owing to any legality.
  • Another vital aspect covered in this category is to screen his public figure. This would help you to access his qualification strengthening your company’s image in the industry.

Financial Background Checks

  • This screening procedure deals with checking any possibility of bankruptcy, credit card history and any history of conducting fraudulence in the pat company. This screening approach works best for the companies that are filling the position for the finance department, since it may affect the company’s future funds if they are handed over to an unreliable and deceitful individual.

Identity Background Checks

  • This verification process comes into play to check whether the individual is the one who he claims to be. It also verifies whether the profile mentioned holds any truth. This verification also checks whether they hold a history of any fraud and whether the residential proof provided is genuine.

Integrity Background Checks

  • This process includes checking and collecting information related to employee education verification, his past employment details, professional qualification and whether he stands for the promotion.
  • Education screening looks into his education history, whether the institution mentioned really exists and if they offer the courses, he claims to have pursued while studying. The employment details mentioned by the individual would be cross-checked with company HR and managers to verify his reliability in terms of his professionalism. Their stand for promotion or higher position can be verified to see his potential in the company and how his skills could be used the best way for your company’s growth.

When you opt for the employment and corporate background verification services, the guesswork and suspense related to his credibility and genuineness are out of the picture. At GREVESGROUP®, our team of industry specialists works day in and out to ensure you make no mistakes during the hiring process and how you could retain employees who have proved resourceful for your company’s growth and development.

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