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Corporate Investigators in Rwanda

GREVESGROUP® is one of the preferred investigation agencies in Rwanda also having footprints in other parts of the world. We are known for our services and integrity which is unparalleled. A team of professionals having extensive experience and knowledge in the investigation industry, we use this strength to solve some of the most complex cases. Our flawless service and an impeccable track record have made us industry leaders in Rwanda.

Anti-counterfeiting Investigations in Rwanda

Our team of professional and highly experienced investigators specializes in cracking anti-counterfeit investigations. These days a lot of fraudsters have propped up where they copy the brand name and sell the products with inferior quality under that brand name. This causes a great deal of financial and reputation based losses for the affected brand or company. With years of industry experience on the table and the ability to solve some of the most complex yet interesting cases successfully, we can assure you of undertaking your project with complete professionalism.

After our services are accepted by the client, our team commences by drafting a plan of action, and a customized plan is developed keeping in view the requirements of the client. Apart from client satisfaction, we make sure that the privacy of the client is always given the topmost priority.

Our investigators work round the clock to get to the root of the problem, in this case apart from identifying the culprits we focus equally on catching the online kingpins of the supply chain. After the execution of a case, detailed report is given to the client who is confidential in nature. Our success rate has allowed us to become leaders in the industry here in Rwanda.

Death Claim Investigations in Rwanda

GREVESGROUP® is the preferred choice to handle death claim investigations, the reason is simple we have been involved in solving even the complex of the cases with a hundred percent client satisfaction and also ensuring and securing the privacy of our clients all the time. Our team of investigators gathers relevant information from the grass-root level under the sensitivities of the death claim based cases.

Understanding the sensitivities of these cases our teams don’t leave a stone unturned while investigating them. It is imperative to find fakes from the facts because even one mistake can cause a lot of financial implications for the clients or can cause emotional trauma for the family if the investigation gets botched up. There are numerous categories of fraud claims that concern death claim investigations including presenting fake documents and identities along with paperwork. Our team works towards authenticating the genuineness of the papers presented. Being vigilant while conducting death claim investigations is of utmost significance and our team understands this aspect of the investigation.

Insurance Claim Investigations in Rwanda

GREVESGROUP®’s insurance claim investigators in Rwanda have been working for years diligently and with full dedication. We have a standard protocol for doing business in insurance claims. The insurance investigation process involves a comprehensive investigation of each case and details thus generated are validated by our senior investigators. Thereafter, the team of investigators supported by analysts and senior experts develops a report for the client company based on detailed deliberations. The final report thus generated is submitted to the client company in strict confidence. Our range of service provided in the field of insurance claims include Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigations, Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claims, Life Insurance Claim Investigations, Third-Party Claim Investigations, Fatal Accident Investigations, Death Verifications, and Medi-Claims Investigations and other such claim related issues.

Our professionals also have the necessary training and skills to work as undercover operatives to gather important information about the lives of the claimants for gathering information that might prove is a fraud.

Brand Protection Services in Rwanda

Counterfeit products in the market mean a bad reputation for any established brand and related monetary losses. GREVESGROUP® as a preferred Brand Protection Company helps clients to minimize perils of counterfeit products from being sold in the market and in turn enhances their brand value. Our dedication and passion in offering professional brand protection services in Rwanda have helped us develop a host of happy, successful, and satisfied clients from different industries.

GREVESGROUP® is the leading Brand Protection Service Provider services to its clients. Our strategic inputs help clients to stop the entry of their counterfeit products in the markets. This ensures a revenue increase for our clients because only original client products reach product shelves. Our success is because of strong fundamentals of business and has enabled us to strengthen our client’s market transparency, securing the supply chains, and enabling manufacturers to closely monitor the inventories.

GREVESGROUP® has a team of experienced investigators and provides these services to reputed companies in pharmaceutical, liquors, and food processing sectors to identify grey areas in markets that don’t encourage counterfeit products.

We are now the leading company engaged in brand protection services here in the Rwanda area offering a range of brand protection services includes IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, and IP Rights Online Monitoring Services, etc.

IP Rights Investigations in Rwanda

A Large number of trademark-related frauds are the handiwork of either disgruntled elements or some ex-employee of a company. GREVESGROUP® with rich experience of over a decade handling such security concerns our clients diligently has emerged as leading IP rights investigation industry in Rwanda area. During the course of investigations, we develop customized solutions catering to the specific needs of clients to locate the online footprint of the fraudsters and take appropriate action against them safeguarding our client’s interests.

Protection against IP related frauds for companies is critical to save their business. For the purpose, GREVESGROUP® has a team of IP Investigation Experts comprising an amalgamation of lawyers, retired persons from professions in forensic & accounts departments, on-field investigators along with IT professionals. Our range of services includes: Infringement of Patents & Copyrights, Trademark investigations, Counterfeit and piracy investigations, Market data theft investigations, Intellectual property leak investigations etc.

We develop trademark investigation protocols to gather detailed information pertaining to the use of trademarks. As part of this process, legal agencies of clients could approach our investigators for probing unlawful use of their registered trademarks. Thereafter, our professionals normally visit client offices to make discreet inquiries to gather comprehensive details with regard to the nature and extent of use of their trademark.

We are now recognized as preferred IP Rights investigations in Rwanda region given our expertise in handling any suspected infringement of intellectual property rights of clients.

Due Diligence Investigations in Rwanda

Corporate Vision of GREVESGROUP® envisages the seamless execution of assignments assigned by our clients. Our company is home to a team of professional due diligence investigators offering advice, knowledge, and insights to the clients. Our diligent professionals work relentlessly to provide the best results to clients while upholding principles of professional integrity and complete confidentiality, our unique USP. We look beyond finances and cash flows to get an insight into legal compliances and other related issues as well as part of the due diligence process. A due diligence job done well ensures the minimization of risks while taking a business decision.

Services offered by GREVESGROUP® these services are summarized below:

• Evaluate the real risk of doing business in different markets
• Facilitate rational decision making & flag real issues
• Support business assessment for smart negotiations
• Validation of investment or acquisition criteria vis a vis protocols
• Ensure risk-free business opportunity to potential investors

The above criteria help prepare clients with important inputs facilitating smooth business decision making.

Private Investigations in Rwanda

GREVESGROUP® is well equipped for the conduct of Private Investigations for clients out of Rwanda Region. We provide customized solutions for clients per their needs & limitations of cost budgets. Our enviable track record has popularized us as a leading private investigation agency in Rwanda. We ensure the maintenance of confidentiality by our team members for assignments assigned to them.

Frauds do take place anytime in any kind of operations involving transactions etc. Corporate business frauds can take place in many ways.

Upward graph of business scams underlines increased utilization of professional private investigation services. Our professionals ensure no online frauds, cheque frauds and embezzlement, etc in client companies. Another aspect of private investigation is to help our clients during the recruitment process. Over years GREVESGROUP® has earned the reputation as one of the leading companies for the conduct of employment background checks. Recommendations made by us help our client companies to take a conscious decision while hiring the right candidate eliminating guesswork and suspense.

Corporate Investigations in Rwanda

GREVESGROUP® is the best Corporate Investigation Company with an enviable benchmark for others to emulate in the Rwanda region. We help clients grow their business in a secure manner against all kinds of threats, frauds, and cybercrime. Our expert’s help clients make sound business decisions rationally without being under any kind of pressure.

Continuous improvement is self-professed success mantra for us at GREVESGROUP®. In an environment of ever-increasing security threats and frauds, we provide security of confidence to our clients offering state of the art technology solutions available for the conduct of corporate investigations. We keep hawk’s eye conducting regular online monitoring of the online footprint of client operations and promptly flag deviations if any. In doing so, many times we end up helping our clients in identifying stolen or fake products.

We also provide undercover investigation services to assist clients in dealing with issues like sexual harassment, kickback schemes, industrial espionage, substance abuse, workplace violence amongst others.

Conduct of client investigations in utmost confidentiality has earned GREVESGROUP® the recognition as the best Corporate Investigation company.

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