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Corporate Investigators in Kenya

GREVESGROUP® is a benchmark investigation agency dealing in almost all the verticals of investigation ranging from Corporate Investigation, Private Investigation, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Due Diligence Services, and many more.

We call ourselves the industry leaders in the investigative arena of Kenya owing to our impeccable track record and loads of satisfied clients. Apart from Kenya, Africa we manage cases successfully in other parts of the world.

Anti-counterfeiting Investigations in Kenya

The world is connected to the internet for most of its operations now, and most of the businesses are also executed online and in the process, IP related frauds have increased substantially. It’s quite commonly observed that high-end brands and top-notch companies are the ones that fall prey to the fraud and counterfeit.

Identifying the source of fake products is the biggest problem for any investigative company to manage. At GREVESGROUP® our investigators follow the traditional methods of investigation along with the use of state of the art technology to find the kingpins of the counterfeit product network.

The biggest challenge in the counterfeit investigation is to get to the root of the system. The most difficult part is to catch the kingpin, the people who are responsible for the conception and execution of pirated products.

We always works from the grass-root level, making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to the investigation services. Our team of dedicated investigators and an impeccable track record has enabled us to become industry leaders in Kenya. The chief reason behind the purchase apart from collecting the evidence is to not arise any suspicion in the minds of the fraudsters ad maintain anonymity. The purchase is filmed or documented to ensure that the products can be used as evidence while filing the lawsuit for counterfeiting.

Death Claim Investigations in Kenya

GREVESGROUP® is a well-known and a preferred name in the insurance business here in Kenya. Managing sensitive issues like disbursement of money to the family of the client who died of a terminal illness. With decades of experience that has enabled us to solve these cases very efficiently.

Companies within the insurance sector will be well aware of the statistics regarding the fraudulent claims made by crooked people. We represent numerous insurance companies seeking help for investigating ponzy claims. Our experienced team is capable of managing situations which include life, health, luggage claim, and trip delay.

It takes some real effort and knowledge to identify the truth seeing so many frauds. But with our experienced team, we have been able to solve even the most tedious of the cases. A detailed on-ground verification is carried out looking for any fake profile or false information related to the nominees of the policy.

To safeguard the interest of our clients we have developed customized services and SOPs for each case. Team of most experienced investigators unearths the facts even from the remotest parts of the world. This has been possible because of our extensive network developed with years of hard work. Our full-proof systems make it very difficult for the fake claimants to succeed in their diabolical deeds. Our reputation for solving complex cases has made us industry leaders of death claim investigation in Kenya.

Insurance Claim Investigations in Kenya

Being a leading insurance claim investigation company in Kenyan Region is equipped well to conduct insurance claim investigations of patrons of our client insurance companies. Our insurance claim investigations are comprehensive and cover all the aspects pertaining to it like physical injury, liability, property damage, medical, manpower compensation, or death based insurance claims. We cover all and make sure to achieve results for our clients.

We are fully committed to safeguarding interests of our clients. Towards that goal, we develop and provide customized Standard Operating Procedures and customized services for our clients. Our professionals carry out detailed investigations across the full spectrum of business domains with the assistance of extensive global networks developed over the years. Customized systems developed by our professionals are designed to defeat plans of fraudsters for making any fictitious claims. A very high success percentage in resolving such false insurance claims has earned us recognition as industry leaders in Kenyan region.

Our experienced professionals develop a dedicated due diligence program for sustained surveillance of each claimant of the client company keeping in view different kinds of suspected insurance frauds. We have a team of most diligent and experienced investigators and officers who work day and night and as an icing on the cake, we can also provide undercover operatives to gather first-hand evidence of claimants suspected of filing fraudulent insurance claims.

Brand Protection Services in Kenya

GREVESGROUP® is the best brand protection service provider in the whole of Kenyan region. Counterfeit products in the market mean bad reputation to any established brand and losses caused thus is not easy to calculate. We at GREVESGROUP® are equipped well to help our client companies in the reduction of counterfeit products entering the market. We have serviced many reputed corporates in pharmaceutical, liquors, and food processing sectors in identifying grey areas in their markets that promote counterfeit products provided safeguards to their product brands.

Client expectations for safeguarding the reputation of their brands are not limited only to identify counterfeit product sale outlets but include detection of the complete process of diversion, dilution, adulteration, and counterfeiting operations. Our efforts in that direction have facilitated making supply chains more secure and managed to strengthen the market transparency. Our range of services in Brand Protection Services in Kenyan region includes IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, and IP Rights Online Monitoring Services, etc.

Our brand protection experts with their collective power of expertise provide a unique multi-disciplined, tactical approach to brand protection services to our clients in this regard.

IP Rights Investigations in Kenya

More often than not, it is seen that a large majority of trademark related frauds are insider jobs and handiwork of either ex-employees or some disgruntled elements of the company. We specializes in providing benchmark IP rights investigations in the Kenyan Region backed by a rich experience of over ten years in handling IP rights related investigations. Our solutions are customized to the requirements of clients and based on our expertise to gather online evidence.

It is very critical for any corporation big or small to protect itself for IP related frauds as it can spiral out of control very quickly jeopardizing the future of the company. Protocols for trademark investigations developed in our system require detailed inquiries pertaining to the nature of the use of the trademark. Initially, law firms representing clients approach our investigators to examine the unlawful use of their existing registered trademark. Thereafter, our professionals may like to visit client offices or other locations to make discreet inquiries with client representatives to ascertain as many details as could be possible with regard to the nature and extent of the use of the trademark.

Our experienced and seasoned professional’s help clients respond effectively to any suspected infringement on their intellectual property making us the market leaders in IP rights investigations in Kenyan Region.

Due Diligence Investigations in Kenya

Per our corporate philosophy, GREVESGROUP® doesn’t believe in making any short cuts during the execution of assignments it takes. A perusal of this no-nonsense approach has made us the number one Due Diligence Company in Kenyan Region. Due Diligence helps tremendously in adding value to any business by providing precise business insights by our diligent team. With our customized services, we make sure our clients decrease their risks while making a sound business decision.

Our team of diligent professionals and other team members work relentlessly to achieve the desired outcome for all stake-holders. Add to that is the assurance of GREVESGROUP® regarding the integrity of our investigators and the confidentiality of the services provided by us. Confidentiality of our services is our USP and during the process of investigation, we look beyond finances and cash flows to get an insight into legal compliances and other related issues as well.

Private Investigations in Kenya

Private investigations are another business vector where we have good expertise especially for their clients out of Kenyan region, As in other business segments, we develop customized solutions for our client companies per their requirements and budget while giving a personal touch for each client. Of course, maintenance of complete confidentiality for us remains a topmost priority.

We make sure our clients are not cheated in the form of online fraud, embezzlement, cheque frauds, or others, our diligent team of investigators always make sure to achieve the desired results. Private investigation in Kenya is delivered in the form of detailed information on competitor’s procedures, practices, R&D plans, products and services, and unrevealed usable leverage points of conflicts, corruption, or fraud. Another aspect of private investigation is to help our clients during the recruitment process. We have earned the reputation as one of the topmost employment background checks service provider. Recommendations made by us help our client companies to take a conscious decision of hiring the right candidate eliminating guesswork and suspense.

Corporate Investigations in Kenya

As a front runner company in the field of corporate investigation in the Kenyan Region we have set enviable benchmarks for others to emulate. Help and assistance provided by us can empower our client company and to continue doing the business in a secure and safe manner.

We are aware of the fact that Acquisitions can be quite tricky and prone to high risks. We provide assistance to our clients which empower their business while keeping the company safe from future threats.

Continuous improvement and innovative evolvement is a self-professed success mantra for us. In the current business environment of ever-increasing security threats and frauds, we provide security to our clients with the best technology solutions available for corporate investigations on potential frauds. We keep hawk’s eye regularly monitoring the online footprint of operations of our client companies and promptly flag deviations if any. In doing so, we end up helping our clients many times in identifying stolen or fake products.

As part of our service to our clients, our teams work extensively with civil law enforcement officials to put a stop to all illicit merchandise sales making use of our tested and tried solutions.

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