Asset Tracing Investigation Services

asset trace investigator in east africa

Asset Tracing Investigations in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® asset tracing services are particularly structured for international companies and entrepreneurs with high net-worth for classifying, tracing and recovering valuable financial and physical assets.

The team of professional works towards determining whether filing a lawsuit is worth it and if yes, then we deploy our resources to trace down and recover assets that are rightfully yours.

Misplaced, Hidden or Stolen Assets?

In case you are seeking help in tracing hidden assets or those that have been stolen in a theft or a fraud, GREVESGROUP®’s asset tracing investigation by trained specialists can prove to be of help.

The core team constituting asset training includes a manager, investigators, and the support team. Apart from these, internally, there’s a separate multi-disciplinary team including experienced agents, certified racket examiners, handwriting professionals, accountants, anti-money laundering professionals, auditors, computer forensic specialists, journalists, and former law-enforcement officers to name a few.

It is because of the expertise and knowledge of these experts that we offer professional and specialized asset tracing services to big-shot companies and entrepreneurs who have suffered a loss at the hands of frauds and wish to get back what rightfully is theirs.

One of the most important aspects that should be considered is that it’s very easy for professional fraudsters to fool around or make the job challenging for untrained tracers, particularly those with zero international networks for tracing the assets. One of the chief reasons behind this is that they can easily hide the assets behind the name of a phony company. Not just this, these fraudsters can also convert the assets to other forms in order to avoid being traced.

Before getting on board with expensive lawsuits for recovering assets or money, it is highly significant and economical to understand whether you as the defendant has anything of high value to fight for and can practically secure the judgment in your favor. GREVESGROUP®’s pre-litigation report can prove helpful in assisting you to make the right decision.

Having worked in the industry for decades, the professionals at GREVESGROUP® make sure to follow the right course towards asset tracing and recovery even if it includes doing so legally or via negotiations. A negotiated settlement can become an option once the specialists ensure that the assets in question have been traced down and frozen. The experts assist clients to trace down assets related to stocks and shares, real estate, intellectual property rights, and money.

Our company, with a team of experienced professionals, has an established and thriving track record in locating hidden wealth, valuables, and debtors in East African countries.

Our expert team of analysts comes with years of experience and knowledge in dealing with assets tracing cases along with an in-house legal segment. Something that makes GREVESGROUP® a preferred choice is their connections with partners abroad that make the local dealing and knowledge easy. We believe having a local partner eases out the complex process because of his knowledge and understanding of the legal system, business practices, and work culture.

We work with an aim to offer both private and commercial clients with a professional intelligence report and analysis regarding the assets they are seeking. It is with this detailed and extensive information in hand; our clients can make an informed business decision and further uphold their company interests.

We understand how important and vital can a timely and perfect intelligence is and how it can’t be offered by amateur asset tracers. Our team very well understands the difference between digging out raw information and offering rational and reliable evidence that can be produced in the court of law. Our experience and knowledge differentiate one from another.

Working either with you directly or with your team of advisors, we are well adept in identifying, securing and realizing the assets you are looking to recover from the jurisdiction of fraudsters whether in East Africa or any other country.

Categories of asset tracing investigation we deal with:

  • East African property assets
  • Company assets and connections
  • Offshore property and assets
  • Client transactions and assets concealed by companies and individuals.

Having known for implementing a commercially benefit approach towards the case, we work with private clients and their respective intricate tracing inquiries.

Our workflow also includes carrying out a search on the internet and via media both nationally and globally to get a reference that could indicate a beneficial research area and ultimately lead us to discover the hidden assets. There have been chances when a blog post or a newspaper article has led us to our lost assets.

Why undertaking asset research before filing a lawsuit is recommended?

Filing a lawsuit is an expensive proposition. There can be chances where you despite winning the lawsuit will be left with nothing in hand in case the other party has zero resources to pay you.

At GREVESGROUP®, we create a detailed report about tracing hidden assets that you can use while claiming in the court. However, before you go ahead with the claim, the information provided in the report might help you to determine whether there’s anything significant worth filing the lawsuit for.

In case we discover there’s nothing of high value hidden away, we can save you a great deal of litigation money. On the contrary, if we discover something of great importance is hidden, you can immediately start the procedure of getting them frozen, thus ensuring they don’t disappear once the lawsuit has been filed.

If you believe valuable assets have been stolen or hidden from you, please feel free to contact us for a consultation and discuss the next best step forward. If you wish to choose us for tracing hidden assets, our team of specialists would start working with you maintaining discretion and ensuring the best outcome for you.

Ranking as one of the top asset tracing companies in East African Countries, our highly experienced specialists shall speak to you over the phone once you call us. Our private investigators hold years of experience in executing these types of investigations and tracing down hidden assets of high value to you.

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