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Background Checks in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® is leading background verification companies in East African Countries that work towards helping companies discover valuable information about a prospective employee, company or business.

Making an informed decision regarding hiring an employee to be a part of your team becomes easy with the help of an expert panel of professional investigators who are working in distinguished teams including:

  • Pre-employment Check: A Team of professionals working with the HR and management of the company to carry out background checks of the employees.
  • Company Background Investigation: A Team that works with the company directors to help them have a better understanding of a prospective company before deciding on doing business with them.
  • Individual Background Check: This team assists individuals in verifying potential partners whom they met online or in the real-world.

Pre-Employment Check

It is believed that nearly 80% of job applicants lie in their CVs by enhancing their skills, exaggerating their qualifications and being unclear regarding their stay with the company.

There would be a set of applicants who would hide a particular set of information from you, e.g. they would not share the employment history and stating the reason behind being sacked from the company because of their role in financial theft. If you don’t undergo the check on your own or hire the professional background screening services provider in East African Countries like GREVESGROUP® to authenticate a candidate’s work history, chances are that this important information would never be disclosed until they go back to repeating their tricks with your company.

The pre-employment screening takes away the guess-work while trimming down the threat your company would face particularly while filling executive positions. At GREVESGROUP®, we offer speedy, pocket-friendly and accurate pre-employment background check services helping you make a wise decision while selecting an ideal candidate for your company.

International Pre-employment Check

Pre-employment screening is a process that also includes cross-border background checks of employees since they move from one global city to another in search of better career prospects. There are countries where criminal records aren’t easily available, thus making it complicated for the HR department to learn the background of the employee you plan on hiring. Drop a message or call our employee-screening team and you can be certain of getting genuine background information about the candidate, thanks to our extensive investigation partners spread across the world.

Company Background Investigation

Company background checks facilitate the directors or executives to ease the risks and enhance business prospects by getting a detailed company profile of the prospective business associates and their respective decision-makers. It is also a verification practice to ascertain whether the other company is licensed to carry out business operations.

Maximum background checks we undertake include but are not restricted to:

  • Confirm a company’s legal position
  • Confirm a company’s business history and address
  • Ascertaining the company’s credit value
  • Verifying its business license
  • Ascertaining the company’s directors
  • Verifying the international check to see the financial history in another country

Offering background checks in East Africa Countries, GREVESGROUP® helps companies reduce the risks of getting associated with business partners who hold poor credit history and time and again fail to make business payments to numerous business associates. Learning their poor credit history would allow you to either ask for the payment before any service delivery or set the payment terms beforehand on papers.

There might be chances that you would like to sponsor a charity, important aspect before making this decision is to undertake our background check services, the reason being simple. While most of the charities are genuinely involved in making the world a better place to live, there are few that aren’t even registered or the finances are not being properly managed. Hence, checking on the background of the charity prior to making any contribution or including them as part of your business venture becomes important to authenticate whether they are legitimate and maintain proper accounts.

International Company Background Investigation

Our background screening services provider in East African Countries holds the expertise to undertake company background checks of companies in other countries. Having worked in the industry for decades, we have build associations with numerous business investigators and industry experts who work towards providing us the data you would need. This would help you immensely especially if your business partner is located in a different country and wish to learn about their business credibility.

Individual Background Check

Identity theft, personal scam, and romantic fraud are very old ways of cheating or sham. However, the latest technology and the internet have made them quite common. The current scenario has made it easy for a fraudster to make you transfer a hefty amount into his bank account. They exploit you with a false identity.

Losing an amount is still manageable as compared to you being convinced into breaking the country’s law and establishing a company to help them transfer a huge amount of money. If you have a feeling that there’s something fishy, believe it. Appoint our background investigation services and we assure you of offering peace of mind while doing business.

Referred to as the best background verification company in East Africa Countries, GREVESGROUP® is highly professional and honest in its approach. We will talk in detail about your case prior to taking any action and so that you are aware of the service charges. With us working by your side, you can be sure that:

  • We value your confidentiality.
  • Our investigative techniques include resource, thorough database, and careful network inquiries.
  • Before offering you the final report, we authenticate, evaluate and cross-check.
  • We are capable of assisting you with cross-border cases.
  • We provide an extremely professional report with no hidden charges.
  • We would verify that the prospective employee is honest and deserving.
  • Get detailed background information about the decision-makers of your potential business partner.
  • Ascertain that a particular person is not convincing you into breaking the law.

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