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Due Diligence Investigators in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® perfectly understands that the risks in the business world are always there. Be it hiring a new employee or entering into a new partnership, risks are always involved. To ensure the safety of the business due diligence is a must these days. We specialize in carrying out due diligence for our clients with the best of the results thanks to our extensive experience. Because of our services we are regarded as the best due diligence investigation agency in East Africa.

What is due diligence investigation?

Due diligence is one part of the investigative services which primarily deals in identifying, verifying and confirming the claims of the other potential partner or a suitable candidate. This is all done before a contract is signed or a candidate is selected. It helps in making sound decisions for the corporations.

Why is due diligence critical to your business?

Proper due diligence is very critical for the business these days. No matter how simple it may seem but sometimes one rotten apple can spoil the whole lot. Similarly, one bad candidate can jeopardize the future of your company to an extent beyond imagination.

Need for due diligence?

  • Quantify the real risk of doing business in foreign and local markets
  • Assist in accurate decision-making
  • Identify red flag issues
  • Offers opportunity to assess business and negotiate
  • Identify whether the investment or possession aspects have been met
  • Make the potential investors believe that your business is fraud proof
  • Assures that the business entity you’re investing in is worth it

Due diligence is a process that’s not just suitable for business but also individuals.

Hiring employees is inevitable and is a continuous process without it no company can function or grow effectively. Unfortunately, there are applicants to provide false information to get jobs. In this process, they can conceal important information or sometimes add on skills of which they aren’t familiar with in both the cases the company tends to be on the losing end. This is where due diligence comes into the picture. At GREVESGROUP® we have a pre-selection screening process, here the potential candidates are thoroughly investigated of their record including both professional and personal. This method has been very effective and has helped us identify fakes from facts. Our success rate has put us on the map as industry leaders of due diligence in the East African region.

The current business world is flooded with fraud and every business – regardless of size – is at risk. There are some fraudsters who may try to exploit your business from within as an employee. While there can be few who would pose to be your clients and target your present employees, thus making your business exposed to some criminal activity. Due diligence significantly reduces the risks of hiring those with a background that poses a threat to your business.

Due diligence for Manpower recruitment

In simple words, HR due diligence helps in assessing the employment structure even of a potential partner. This vertical of due diligence helps an entity to access the reality of a number of employees in a business. The primary aim is to unearth any discrepancies with the structural set up of the organization.

Legal Due Diligence Services

When in business, there’s always a chance of a future legal trouble during a business transaction or a merger. GREVESGROUP® however, works to significantly trim down those potential risks. Legal due diligence is the process of gathering, understanding and analyzing any and all legal risks associated with a business interaction such as am M&A.

Our due diligence services cover numerous aspects but aren’t restricted to:

  • Ownership of a company (share certificates issued to board members, directors or key stakeholders)
  • Management structures
  • Company procedures
  • Legal obligations such as loans
  • Ongoing litigation, if any

Due diligence for financial assistance

This method of due diligence examination and analyses of financial data is done. Along with past audited statements and prepare a questionnaire on their basis. The sales projection is calculated by our team of financial experts enabling the client to make a sound business decision.

Before a potential merger of two companies financial due diligence is carried out, it helps our clients to make a proper risk assessment before taking the plunge.

Our USP is confidentiality, we make sure to carry out corporate due diligence with topmost secrecy. We go well beyond the examination of wealth and cashflow, we look at legal compliance, reputations, and connections, areas where you may be exposed legally and financially regardless of a single transaction or long-term business relationship.

Another vertical of due diligence is the Integrity Due Diligence, this provides knowledge, insight, and advice based on the risk-taking capacity of the client. The whole idea is to be prepared before making a sound business decision. The reports are designed in such a manner in which there is total transparency that assists our clients to give precise inputs and feedbacks. Along with achieving the desired results it also decreases the risk of the business drastically.

There is no shortcut to success. The reason GREVESGROUP® sits on the top spot in the due diligence industry in East Africa is solely because of our team of most diligent investigators and officers who work day and night to achieve the desired results for our clients. We also ensure integrity in our investigations along with the total confidentiality of the services we provide.

Due Diligence helps tremendously in adding the value to your business by ensuring that you get the precise business insights from our diligent team. With our customized services, we make sure you decrease your risk and make a sound business decision.

To help you make efficient and effective business decisions, we provide an overall risk rating for a target company or individual as identified through our research. Our research ability is the best in the world and believes that such expertise is extremely crucial in determining whether or not the client should pursue the business or financial relationships, particularly if the company is overseas.

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