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Corporate Investigators in Tanzania

With each passing day more and more companies have become victims of corporate frauds like software system hacking, hardware bugging, identity thefts; and others. We have a successful track record of over a decade is well equipped to address such threats in an effective manner making use of immense experience of their widely networked professionals and availability of adequate resources spread almost all countries in Tanzania.

We have made good use of its experience working with many individuals as well as corporates in Tanzania and are recognized as one of the most sought after due diligence investigation companies for over a decade. We provides a variety of services to its prestigious clients that include private investigations, insurance & other financial frauds, due diligence, and other services associated with frauds, malpractices, and other such corporate crimes in general. The business philosophy of GREVESGROUP® is to help each of our clients to satisfactorily address their concerns and different security issues.

Anti-counterfeiting Investigations in Tanzania

Nowadays, the success of a company is quite dependent upon the skill set in securing its market standing and safeguards its IP assets. It is also well-known kind of damage counterfeit products can do to reputation and brand value of a good company, if security issues are not handled well and proactively. Our anti–counterfeit team is equipped well to handle such cases across the globe. Having widespread experience of working in the industry for decades, we have long term business association with local investigators, regulatory authorities, and prosecutors; so important to safeguard product brands and, hence the reputation of their clients.

Product counterfeiting is like cancer, terminal disease, and law enforcement agencies neither adequate have adequate resources nor much inclination to investigate these cases diligently. GREVESGROUP® can fill that void with its resources, worldwide reach supported by their skilled and trained investigators who work systematically to track complete supply chain to locate likely points of fake and counterfeit products.

Our Professionals are there to help you with whatever requirements, be it investigation services for safeguarding your brand’s global protection or to pursue counterfeit products that might damage your product’s image in the industry. They work diligently based on customized programs that would meet your business requirements, and at not very high costs.

Death Claim Investigations in Tanzania

We at GREVESGROUP® are equipped well to conduct death claim investigation services to our client insurance companies. Our professionals carry out detailed investigations on claims and background details provided by customers of the insurance companies and help our client companies to avoid huge financial losses due to the false claims filed by some of their phony customers. The primary focus of our investigations is to look for any false information or other eligibility criteria of the claimants of the policy.

We are committed fully to safeguard the interests of its clients. Towards that goal, it develops and provides customized Standard Operating Procedures and customized services for each of their clients. Their team of professionals carries out detailed investigators across the full spectrum of business domains with assistance of extensive global networks developed by them over years. Customized systems developed by our professionals are designed to defeat plans of fraudsters for making any fictitious claims. Very high success percentage in resolving such false death claims has earned us good recognition and thus become popular as industry leaders in Tanzanian region.

As a policy, our experienced professionals develop a pointed & dedicated due diligence program to have sustained surveillance of each claimant of the client company keeping in view kind of suspected insurance fraud. As an icing on the cake, GREVESGROUP® also provides undercover operatives to gather first-hand evidence of claimants suspected of filing fraudulent insurance claims.

Corporate Background Check in Tanzania

It is desirable for any company to gather as much background information about their prospective business associates as possible. But it may not be that easy for the company to conduct the background check on their own given the possibility of their associates may have concealed important details pertaining to business including names. Our experts can help its client company to conduct comprehensive background checks and ascertain if their associates were using other fake identities and names.

We follow a strict protocol for conducting background investigations for its clients. This includes detailed discussions of their business objectives & purpose behind proposed business collaboration and management & financial structures. Post these deliberations, the task of background investigations is promptly assigned to an expert professional having adequate experience of similar jobs for other clients. As part of our protocol, we peruse a defined methodology that includes a comprehensive scan of records and important documents. Another important aspect of this scrutiny is to unearth all details having legal issues having short term and long term implications. After completion of the exercise, a detailed report is submitted to our client company.

Employee Background Check in Tanzania

Another area of our professional expertise is to carry out screening of candidates under consideration for employment by our client companies. Intensive screening of the candidates by our experts facilitates the elimination of those found unsuitable for that job, thus paving way for selection of the candidates with requisite skill sets and a high potential for the company’s growth.

GREVESGROUP® has earned the reputation as one of the topmost employment background checks service provider because it conducts the background check task by guiding its client company on a road map for hiring the right candidate having good technical skills for the job, work ethics including his professional integrity and inputs regarding his working as a team player. Also, we do fill in other details of prospective employees’ viz family details, professional track record, composure and confidence under stress conditions, etc. Recommendations made by us help our client companies to take a conscious decision of hiring any candidate eliminating any guesswork and suspense.

Asset Tracing Services in Tanzania

Tracing important & expensive lost assets could be quite an arduous task as it requires special skills, experience, and tons of patience. Our investigators have years of experience of working on similar assignments and ensure our client companies take the right path, legal or negotiation-based, to track and recover their lost assets. It is to be noted that a negotiated settlement becomes an option once the specialists have made sure to fully tracking down of assets in question. Our experts assist clients in tracking down all kinds of assets, be it stocks and shares, real estate, intellectual property rights, and money.

We have a big team of experts who have given an envious track record for the company to help client companies track their hidden assets - be it physical, stocks and shares, or their debtors across Tanzanian region. Our basic business approach for all our clients is to investigate thoroughly requisite details and submit a comprehensive professional intelligence report to our client per terms of reference agreed. Recommendations provided in our reports help clients to take a considered business call-in line with their objectives.

Background Checks in Tanzania

Frauds, personal scams and cheating has been around for ages, the only methodology involved has been evolving with time. Nowadays, fraudsters and tricksters make use of contemporary internet-based technology applications to help them execute their plans quite easily. They can now transfer hefty amounts from accounts of others into their accounts with just a click of computer mouse key making tricking their victims with a false identity or gaining access to their OTPs or CVVs.

Another dimension to these frauds is even more dangerous, these tricksters may convince you or a company to compromise with the law of the land for getting their job done easily on the face of it. But in the long run this could get you or the company into serious legal trouble, which could even be more troublesome than losing piles of money to the fraudsters. It is time to call us moment you get even a little doubt of things not being right and seek our background investigation services for assured peace of mind for doing business.

We have a proven track record as a top background verification company operating in Tanzanian Region Countries. We put into use investigative techniques that include piles of resources, a comprehensive database, and smart network inquiries. Our investigation reports are based on authentic and thoroughly evaluated and ratified findings of investigations. Our reports help our clients to take considered decisions with a higher degree of confidence at very competitive costs.

Insurance Claim Investigations in Tanzania

Insurance claim related investigations are another business vector of GREVESGROUP® and to support this we have developed over several years, a huge network of trained partners and associates. This kind of investment to develop a professional infrastructure comprising an investigation knowledge pool and capability to function even in very remote locations has helped us gain-big time business penetration. We help our clients to make quality decisions on the issues of insurance claims made by their customers. Of course, we are the leaders in this business segment given our widespread network and good quality service in Tanzanian Region.

We have a standard protocol for doing business in the insurance claim segment. The investigation process involves analysis and investigation of each case at the grass root level. Details thus generated are further validated by our field investigators and thereafter, the team generates a report for the client company after detailed deliberations amongst team members. The final report thus generated is submitted to the client company in strict confidence. Range of service provided by us in the field of insurance claims include Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigations, Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claims, Life Insurance Claim Investigations, Third-Party Claim Investigations, Fatal Accident Investigations, Death Verifications, and Medi-Claims Investigations and other such claim related issues.

Brand Protection Services in Tanzania

Counterfeit products in the market mean bad reputation to any established brand and losses caused thus is not easy to calculate. We at GREVESGROUP® are equipped well to offer brand protection services for our client companies helping them in the reduction of counterfeit products entering the market. We have serviced many reputed corporate in pharmaceutical, liquors, food processing sector, to name a few in identifying grey areas in their markets that promote counterfeit products. We are now amongst top companies engaged in brand protection services here in Tanzanian region.

Client expectations for safeguarding the reputation of their brands are not limited to identify counterfeit product sale outlets only but include detection of the complete process of diversion, dilution, adulteration, and counterfeiting operations. Our efforts in that direction have facilitated making supply chains more secure and manage to strengthen market transparency. Our intervention in this manner has helped the development of financial and manufacturing predictability. Our range of services in Brand Protection Services in Tanzanian region includes IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, and IP Rights Online Monitoring Services, etc.

IP Rights Investigations in Tanzania

It is observed, more often than not, that a large majority of trademark related frauds are insider jobs and handiwork of either ex-employees or the disgruntled elements of the company. Backed by a rich experience of over ten years in handling IP rights related investigations gives us the confidence to help our clients diligently on such problems. Our solutions are customized to the requirements of each of our clients represented by us based on our expertise to gather online evidence.

Protocol for trademark investigations developed in our system requires detailed inquiries pertaining to the nature of the use of the trademark. Initially, law firms representing clients approach our investigators to examine the unlawful use of their existing registered trademark. Thereafter, our professionals may like to visit client offices or other locations to make discreet inquiries with client representatives to ascertain as many details as could be possible with regard to the nature and extent of the use of the trademark.

Due Diligence Investigations in Tanzania

Per our corporate philosophy, we don’t believe in making any short cuts during the execution of assignments it takes. A perusal of this no-nonsense approach has made as number one Due Diligence Company in Tanzanian Region. Our team of diligent professionals and other team members work relentlessly to achieve desired outcome for our clients. Add to that is the assurance of GREVESGROUP® regarding the integrity of our investigators and the confidentiality of the services provided by us. Confidentiality of our services is our USP and during the process of investigation, we look beyond finances and cash flows to get an insight into legal compliances and other related issues as well.

Due diligence is of great help in adding value to any business since the client company gets specific and precise business-related insights. A due diligence job done well can ensure the minimization of risks while taking a business decision.

Private Investigations in Tanzania

Private investigations are another business vector where GREVESGROUP® has good expertise especially for their clients out of Tanzanian region, As in other business segments, we develop customized solutions for our client companies per their requirements & budget while giving a personal touch for each client. Of course, maintenance of complete confidentiality for us remains a topmost priority.

Another aspect of private investigation is to help our clients during the recruitment process. We have earned the reputation as one of the topmost employment background checks service provider. We help the client company to develop a road map for hiring the right candidate possessing good technical skills for the job, good work ethics. In addition, we do fill in other details of prospective employees’ including family details, professional track record, composure and confidence under stress conditions, etc. Recommendations made by us help our client companies to take a conscious decision of hiring the right candidate eliminating guesswork and suspense. Conduct of investigations during business collaboration we provide to help you make a sound decision.

Corporate Investigations in Tanzania

As a front runner company in the field of corporate investigation in Tanzanian region has set enviable benchmarks for others to emulate in this business segment. Help and assistance provided by us can empower our client company and to continue doing the business in a secure and safe manner.

In the current business environment of ever-increasing security threats and frauds, we provide security to our clients offering the best of the technology solutions available for corporate investigations for checking on potential frauds.

We at GREVESGROUP®, keep hawk’s eye regularly monitoring online footprint of all operations of our client companies and promptly flag deviations, if any to them so that they can continue doing their business with full confidence. In the process of doing so, we end up helping our clients many times in identifying stolen or fake products.

As part of our service to our clients, our teams work extensively with civil law enforcement officials to put a stop to all illicit merchandise sales making use of our tested and tried solutions.

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