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corporate investigation in east africa

Corporate Investigators in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® is very well aware of the fact that Acquisitions can be quite tricky. It is one of the most risk-prone, most of the frauds are carried out during this phase. To analyze the risk is very critical. It is more so necessary these days with ever-changing mood of the market. We provide corporate intelligence in the East African region for over a decade. With our impeccable record, we guarantee that our clients are in safe hands.

The corporate investigations concluded by our team successfully uncovers situations that can have an adverse effect on your company and brand’s security and lessen the business risk for your company.

We conduct our investigations keeping both internal and external risk factors in mind. In the process, we make sure that we don’t overlook any aspect which can have an adverse effect on your business. We specialize in providing customized and tailor-made solutions in pursuit of achieving the desired results for our clients.

Corporate Investigation Services

Be it multi-billion dollar organization or a start-up, we have developed SOPs where the in-depth investigation is carried out keeping the client in the loop all the time to have a correct picture and we work on the feedback and inputs constantly. We try our best to have a quick investigation but in the process, no corners are cut making sure no stone is left unturned. No matter how the complex case is, our team of experienced investigators gets to the root of the problem and gets the best results for our clients. This practice has made GREVESGROUP® an industry leader in corporate investigations in the East African region.

What can GREVESGROUP® corporate intelligence services do for you?

There are four main aspects of our corporate intelligence service that can be utilized to give you more control over your business decisions.


This is the most common form of investigation where constant monitoring of people and places is done to extract as much information possible. This is pretty useful, especially for manpower monitoring. Common practices are employee’s comp verification or cctv verification of customers to check on the retail theft.

We have developed ingenious methods which combine both physical and video surveillance. Physical surveillance is a quite tricky and skillful job. It requires both patience and craft. Normally video surveillance is deployed if physical seems difficult. Both methods help in gathering the much-needed information.

Digital Surveillance

At GREVESGROUP® we make sure that we constantly monitor the client’s online footprint helping them to carry out the operations with total confidence. We also help in identifying the stolen or fake products and line up searches to find the culprit. Along with carrying out business intelligence we also verify the distributors for their statutory compliances.

Our team works extensively with civil litigators and law enforcement officials to shut down illicit merchandise sales. We aim to mitigate the risk of doing business online with our tried and proven solutions.


At GREVESGROUP® we always look to improvise on the overall security of your business. With the rate of cyber fraud increasing with each passing day and this is where come in to provide security to our clients with the best of the technology available for corporate investigations as well as checking on potential frauds. Our success rate has enabled us to be at top of the table in the corporate investigation in the East African region.


Research is also one of the most critical aspects of the corporate investigation. It helps in engaging your business with the online investigation. It is quite a handy tool as it helps in figuring out the trustworthiness of the websites and product service being offered by your suppliers. Basically, it helps in proving the reliability of the business. We enable our clients to have an online presence which is standard practice in safeguarding your business against negative elements. We specialize in accessing the data which is concealed or has been deleted. This helps in presenting a clear insight into another business. Not only it saves time and energy but decreases the risk of fraud.

Undercover Corporate Investigations

A corporate investigation is a complex process it involves stealth techniques to place the investigator to retrieve the information which might be impossible otherwise. It is most useful primarily when processes like interviewing or surveillance are unable to reach to the core of the problem.

Places where the undercover investigation has primarily helped in issues like sexual harassment, kickback schemes, industrial espionage, substance abuse, workplace violence amongst others.

While conducting business, your company may undertake tons of business transactions including the ones related to your supply chain, sales and marketing, dealings with your business partners, and company operations. Being forewarned is being forearmed, and entering initial discussions or reviewing existing relationships with an accurate understanding of the elements critical to your position will significantly enhance a successful outcome.

GREVESGROUP® is a benchmark company in the field of corporate investigation in East Africa, we provide all the assistance to our clients which can empower their business while keeping the company safe from any future threats in terms of any fraud or cybercrime. These factors enable our clients to make sound business decisions.

Aspects that make you better than your contemporaries and help you evade the fraudsters are enhanced business intelligence, its evaluation, and business information management. Knowing about these areas means that you can make necessary changes to prevent fraud from affecting your business.

Even with all the rigorous investigations, we make sure that the process is carried out with utmost secrecy.

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