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Corporate Investigators in South Sudan

GREVESGROUP® is a well-known name in the field of investigation services here in South Sudan. We provide a variety of services to its prestigious clients that include private investigations, insurance and other financial frauds, due diligence, and other services associated with frauds, malpractices, and other such corporate crimes in general. Our business philosophy of is to be of help to each of our clients by assisting them to satisfactorily address their concerns and different security issues.

Anti-counterfeiting Investigations in South Sudan

In today’s world one the biggest problem a brand or a company faces is counterfeit products. Fraudsters copy the brand and sell counterfeit products which cause a lot of financial losses along with loss of reputation for the company. To counter these types of frauds we have developed a specialization. With a team of expert and experienced investigators, we make sure that the culprits are brought to the books. Our successful track record has enabled us to become industry leaders in South Sudan.

Our professionals are there to help you with whatever requirements, be it investigation services for safeguarding your brand’s global protection or to pursue counterfeit products that might damage your product’s image in the industry. They work diligently based on customized programs that would meet your business requirements, and at not very high costs.

Death Claim Investigations in South Sudan

We also carry our death claim investigations for our clients to check on the frauds related to death claims. Our professionals carry out detailed investigations on claims and background details provided by customers of the insurance companies and help our client companies to avoid huge financial losses due to the false claims filed by some of their phony customers. The primary focus of our investigations is to look for any false information or other eligibility criteria of the claimants of the policy.

We fully committed to safeguarding the interests of its clients. Towards that goal, it develops and provides customized Standard Operating Procedures and customized services for each of their clients. Their team of professionals carries out detailed investigators across a full spectrum of business domains with assistance of extensive global networks developed by them over years. Customized systems developed by our professionals are designed to defeat plans of fraudsters for making any fictitious claims. Very high success percentage in resolving such false death claims has earned us good recognition and thus become popular as industry leaders in the South Sudan region.

Insurance Claim Investigations in South Sudan

Our experienced professionals develop a pointed and dedicated due diligence program to have sustained surveillance of each claimant of the client company keeping in view kind of suspected insurance fraud. As an icing on the cake, We also provides undercover operatives to gather first-hand evidence of claimants suspected of filing fraud insurance claims.

GREVESGROUP®, as the best insurance claim investigation company in the South Sudan region, is well equipped to conduct insurance claim evaluations of patrons of their client’s companies. Our insurance claim investigators have been working diligently for years conducting comprehensive insurance claim evaluations covering all aspects like physical injury, liability, property damage, medical, manpower compensation or death based insurance claims, etc.

Our experienced professionals pursue a dedicated comprehensive protocol for the conduct of insurance claim surveillance keeping in mind different potential claim frauds. Findings compiled by our field investigators are validated by in-house members of technical experts and after detailed deliberations with senior managers; a comprehensive report is generated and submitted to the client company. We are committed to safeguarding the interests of our clients on all fronts.

Our protocols are designed to develop and provide customized solutions to our clients. Our professionals carry out comprehensive investigations across the full spectrum of business domains with the assistance of our extensive global network developed over the years. Customized systems developed by our professionals are designed to defeat plans of fraudsters for making any fictitious claims. We are now the leading insurance claim investigation company of the South Sudan region because of our high success percentage achieved by us.

We have a team of diligent and experienced investigators who work day and night and as an icing on the cake, we also provide undercover operatives to gather first-hand evidence of claimants suspected of filing fraudulent insurance claims. Our range of service includes Insurance Fraudulent Claims Investigations, Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claims, Life Insurance Claim Investigations, Third-Party Claim Investigations, Fatal Accident Investigations, Death Verifications, and Medi-Claims Investigations and other insurance claims related issues.

Brand Protection Services in South Sudan

Counterfeit products in markets cause a bad market reputation for any established product brand and consequential financial losses. GREVESGROUP®, the leading Brand Protection Service Provider in the South Sudan region provides inputs to clients which stop the entry of counterfeit products in the markets and facilitates enhanced revenues because only original products reach product shelves. We strive to meet high client expectations that include detecting complete chain of diversion, dilution, adulteration, and counterfeiting operations. Our strong business fundamentals enable strengthen market transparency, secure supply chains, and enable manufacturers to keep a close watch on their inventories.

We are the leading service providers in brand protection services here in the South Sudan area and offer a range of services in Brand Protection Services that include IP Rights Investigations, IP Rights Enforcement Actions, and IP Rights Online Monitoring Services, etc. We have serviced many reputed corporates in pharmaceutical, liquors, food processing sectors, etc. in identifying grey areas in markets that promote counterfeit products and suggest measures to put a stop to that.

Our brand protection experts with their collective power of expertise provide a unique multi-disciplined, tactical approach to brand protection services to our clients in this regard.

IP Rights Investigations in South Sudan

A huge number of trademark-related frauds are the brainchild of either disgruntled elements or ex-employees of a company. GREVESGROUP® is the preferred service provider for IP rights investigations in the South Sudan Region backed by our rich experience of over a decade in handling such assignments. We provide customized solutions designed to fulfill client requirements making use of our expertise to gather online evidence. Protection against IP related frauds is critical to saving any business. For the purpose, We have a team of IP Investigation Experts constituted with the amalgamation of lawyers, retired professionals field of forensic and accounts departments, on-field investigators, and IT professionals. Our range of services includes:

• Patents and Copyrights infringement investigations
• Trademark infringement investigations
• Counterfeit and piracy investigations
• Market data theft investigations
• Compromise of Intellectual property investigations

Strict protocols for trademark investigations developed in our system call for detailed inquiries to understand the dynamics of the use of the trademark. Initially, law firms representing clients approach our investigators to examine the unlawful use of their existing registered trademark. Thereafter, our professionals could visit the client office to make discreet inquiries to gather as many details as possible to understand the nature and extent of the use of the trademark. Our experienced and seasoned professional’s help clients respond effectively to any suspected infringement on their intellectual property. We are now the best IP rights investigations company in. South Sudan.

Due Diligence Investigations in South Sudan

Our Corporate Vision statement calls upon the seamless performance of projects assigned to us. As a leading Due Diligence investigation company in South Sudan doesn’t believe in taking short cuts during the performance of assigned projects. Our diligent professionals work relentlessly to service our clients while upholding principles of professional integrity and utmost confidentiality which is our unique USP. Looking beyond finances and cash flows, we get insight into statutory compliances as part of the due diligence process. A good due diligent performance ensures minimum risks in the course of taking a business decision.

We offer the following Due Diligence Services:

• Evaluation of real risk while doing business in different markets
• Flag critical issues for rational decision making
• Facilitate business assessment for smart negotiations
• Validation of investment or acquisition criteria with reference of protocols
• Ensure risk-free business opportunity to potential investors
GREVESGROUP® is the best Due Diligence Company in South Sudan Region. Due Diligence performed by us can help in tremendous enhancement of business profitability using inputs from our experts. As part of our SOP, We guarantee the professional integrity of our investigators and the confidentiality of the services provided by us.

Private Investigations in South Sudan

GREVESGROUP® is well equipped and now a preferred Private Investigation service provider in South Sudan region. We have good expertise in providing customized solutions to our clients of the region per their specific needs and constraints of the budget. Of course, maintenance of complete confidentiality remains a top priority for us.

Types of frauds which can take place in any operations are:

• Divert business opportunities
• Pilfer of confidential information
• Pilfer of goods
• Financial irregularities and scams
• Intellectual property pilferage
• Misc frauds such as false accounting, identity theft, etc.

Ever-increasing business scams underline the importance of engaging professional private investigation services. Our experts ensure the prevention of online transactional frauds, cheque frauds and embezzlement, etc for our clients. We also conduct a private investigation to help our clients during the recruitment process. Over years we emerged as the best company for the conduct of employment background checks. Recommendations made by us help our client companies to take a conscious decision while hiring the right candidate eliminating guesswork and suspense.

Corporate Investigations in South Sudan

GREVESGROUP® is the best Corporate Investigation Company with an enviable track record for others to emulate in the South Sudan region. We help clients to develop business in a secure and safe manner with our professional support. In the contemporary business environment, we use the best available technology solutions to safeguard and secure our clients against potential frauds. We keep hawk’s eye monitoring online footprint of operations of our clients and promptly flag deviations if any. Many times, by doing so we end up helping clients in identifying stolen or fake products.

As part of our service to our clients, our teams work extensively with civil law enforcement officials to put a stop to all illicit merchandise sales making use of our tested and tried solutions. We also provide undercover investigation services to assist clients in dealing with issues like sexual harassment, kickback schemes, industrial espionage, substance abuse, workplace violence amongst others.

Conduct of client investigations in utmost confidentiality has earned GREVESGROUP® the recognition as the best Corporate Investigation Company.

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