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private investigation services in east africa

Private Investigators in East Africa

Investigations have become a necessity in today’s world. Be it business, tracing someone or asset, background checks or corporate frauds everything requires investigation and GREVESGROUP® is a pioneer in private investigation in the East African region. Our goal is simply to provide the most reliable and efficient services while maintaining confidentiality all along.

Fraud can cripple your business if not checked

Today no business is safe from the fraud, be it physical or cyber the danger always looms. The harsh economic climate has lured a lot of individuals towards embezzlement and the more global an institution becomes, the greater the chance of poor communication and controls leading to a lack of staff vigilance against fraud.

Fraud is like a disease: whether it’s stealing physically, embezzlement, it will surely hamper your business in some or the other way.

GREVESGROUP® has built its reputation owing to the success rate achieved through its clients over the years and in return becoming industry leaders in the East African region. Instances of fraud can appear throughout a company’s operations from fraudulent transactions and data theft to questionable business relationships and employment fraud. There are numerous techniques for conducting internal business fraudulence, including:

  • Diversion of business
  • Stealing confidential business data including clients lists
  • Theft of goods
  • Theft of money and assets
  • Intellectual property appropriation
  • Peculiar schemes and frauds including identity theft, fake schemes, and dubious accounting among many others.

Owing to ever-growing fraudulent activities in the business and domestic world, the need for Private investigation has always been in demand. At GREVESGROUP® we make sure that our clients are not cheated in the form of online fraud, embezzlement, cheque frauds or others, our diligent team of private investigators always make sure to achieve the desired results for our clients.

How can you benefit from GREVESGROUP® Private investigative services?

Cutthroat Intelligence

A team of specialist investigators and officers work day and night to gather and analyze information that helps us in providing top-notch results for our clients. In turn, it helps our clients by protecting them from frauds and also helping in running the business smoothly and making sound decisions for the business. Our competitive intelligence service is based on a research method that includes information gathering and research capabilities, bolstered by strong technical and legal insight.

Private investigation in East Africa is delivered in the form of detailed information on competitor’s procedures, practices, R&D plans, products and services, and unrevealed usable leverage points of conflicts, corruption or fraud.

Background Checks in Private Investigation

GREVESGROUP® is a specialist in private investigation here in East Africa, we develop customized services for our client keeping in mind their requirements and budget. We ensure a thorough investigation is carried out keeping confidentiality as a top most priority. Our consistent service with a personal touch ensures a desirable result for the client every time.

One of the main aspects of private investigation is to help our clients during the recruitment process. These days it has become a very aspect for any corporation. One bad element can hamper the future of the company. We carry out a detailed investigation of a potential candidate, this includes authentication of both his professional and personal life. Only after ensuring the truth we give a green signal to continue with the hiring process. Another place where our investigation comes in handy is during business collaboration. It is always a risky proposition entering into a new business partnership but with our in-depth investigation can help you make a sound decision of this nature.

Asset and Human Tracing

In case you’re facing any fraud, our expertise in the field of asset tracing would be highly useful. In some cases, following a legal battle in which money has been involved, the defendant of the case may be fraudulently claiming that they have nothing of value to pay what is owed. Asset tracing can identify and trace the assets of the defendant and can recover any assets that are rightfully yours.

At GREVESGROUP® we also provide private investigation services to trace missing persons. Losing a person this way can be very traumatic for any family, so our team of investigators with a huge network in the East African region provides services to trace missing people in a very short span.

To get to the core of the problem or investigation our team leaves no stone unturned to achieve the desired results for our clients. We provide services that fit in the budget and develop customized services to carry out the investigation. But our key motto is to main the confidentiality of our clients.

In recent years, private investigations have come to a critical point where one can get positive prospects in protecting the private life and businesses against frauds. Deception in work if ignored then it can create mayhem which can destroy a well-established business. For completely eradicating the chances or cheating and fraud, it’s highly significant to hire professional investigation services.

If you are an East African business person and looking out to defend your business from prevalent activities of misappropriation and fraudulence frequently occurring in the businesses, then you indeed require the assistance of our private investigation specialists. We follow protocols that ensure the best results for the clients. Our mantra is to remain a step ahead to protect our clients. This has enabled us to become the leading private investigators in East Africa.

Our clients in East Africa are provided with huge knowledge of our services and placing unconditional faith in getting quality results and preferred us to meet all investigative requirements.

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