About Us

About EACEyes.Africa Investigation Services

Professionalism is one thing we can certainly guarantee you. Working with GREVESGROUP ensures that you are provided with the strategic and important information in the most legal and ethical way.

We are offering Corporate Investigation, brand proetction services and intelligence services to different sectors like the legal sector, Insurance sector, Corporate sector, Fraud Examiners, In-house counsels, Financial Institutions and other private individuals.

We have a very vast spread network of associates and teams which work in different sectors of investigations and have been very active in giving highly positive results. We have always been known for Integrity, Confidentiality, Professionalism and Reliability represent and define our core values. Companies these days are pretty clear in their approach they seek best services at the most reasonable costs and this where we pitch in to provide solutions after which our clients can make sound business decisions.

We have a professional network of associates working tirelessly in the East African Countries Including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan apart from other parts of the world.

Our team includes:

  • Investigative lawyers
  • Former law enforcement officers
  • Computer forensics experts
  • Internet and website research and analysis expert
  • Specialist researchers

Confidentiality is one of the key elements of our business. We make sure the identity of the client is never revealed. With an experience of more than a decade, we are proud to have served many big corporations and individuals of East Africa making us one of the most sought after investigation agencies in the region. A plethora of services is provided by us that include Private Investigation, Insurance Fraud, Due Diligence and other services associated with malpractice in general. For us, it’s more than business we feel every client of ours should have clarity and reach a satisfactory conclusion for their concerned issues.

There has been an exponential technological advancement throughout the world and the African continent has not been left behind either. With the increase in the use of technology has certainly spiked the percentage of online crimes. Each year more and more people and corporations are falling victim to crimes like hacking, identity theft, bugging and others. We at Greves Group strive to respond to these threats in most effective ways through our immense experience, resources and team of well-connected investigators spread all through the parts of East Africa.

Continuous experiential learning and the determination to obtain the results our clients required, has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the game. Our team of specialist field and desk investigators grew to accommodate a larger pool of expertise, and we systematically integrated new experts to assist our dedicated support team.

With offices in almost every country of East Africa, the company has incorporated a policy where the clients are provided with detailed information and are made aware of the risk reduction strategies. To ensure that the desired results are achieved by our team efficiently we have infused national business.

We are possessed with the most effective team in the East African region who make sure desired results are achieved for our clients ensuring the confidentiality and securing the credibility of our clients. We strive to ensure compliance within the regulatory frameworks and we conduct all activities in an environment of ethical behavior, the security of information and protection of privacy.

Our Vision

We have a comprehensive approach to protect your organization with the incorporation of risk management systems which identifies the threats which can potentially hamper the growth. We specialize in developing customized solutions for our clients ensuring desired results. Seeing our consistency and success we have been able to secure the position as an industry leader in investigative services in East Africa.

We specialize in developing customized and tailor-made services for our clients, with experience of over a decade and with a team of best investigators in the region we are capable of serving the entire spectrum of your needs.

Why Us?

We have worked very hard to build its reputation on results.

The following illustrates the wide variety and successful outcomes of some of our cases:

Global footprint
We have a huge network of investigators spread across the African Continent and even has a presence in other parts of the world, making us one of the most sought after investigation agency in the world.

Case investigation
Our team of determined investigators works 24x7 to examine and analyze each assignment to get to its roots. After a thorough investigation, a report is prepared which is then double-checked by the superiors after that it is discussed with the client while maintaining the privacy of the case all along.

Innovative Techniques
To obtain efficient and effective discreet information, we have the best equipment at our disposal which include long sight, viewing and photography equipment, video recording camera zoom lenses, night vision, and advance telecommunications, etc. which are mandatory for Corporate Investigations.

One Point Of Contact for All Corporate Investigation Services

Integrity is one of our core mantras, to sustain service, standards, and transparency it is very important.

Our investigators and officers offer you a level of attentiveness and alertness that cannot be equaled by anyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and create value for our clients, be it Organizations or individuals. To achieve this, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in every project. This has enabled us to be industry leaders in East Africa. After the thorough investigation, a detailed report is prepared. This report mentions the in-depth details of the case which provides total transparency for the client. Constant feedbacks and pointers are taken by us. This client-related approach has enabled our group to cement our place at the top in East Africa when it comes to investigative, insurance, due diligence related services. We also strive to evolve with time and achieve constant results for our clients. We respect your privacy and our entire mutual communication will remain confidential. Please feel free to contact us in case any sort of assistance is required related to corporate, private, and insurance-related fraud, due diligence investigations services in East Africa. You may contact us at [email protected].