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business background verification services

Business Background Check in East Africa

GREVESGROUP® is a professional background investigation company that helps you make informed decisions regarding your business and thus safeguard it from fraudsters.

When in business, it’s highly significant to learn that the people or business entities you are planning to collaborate are the ones you can trust. At GREVESGROUP®, our team of highly professional private investigators undertakes an extensive approach towards a complete background check of the company or professionals that would be of interest to your business.

Why Opt for Business Background Investigations?

There are numerous reasons why opting for these services would be beneficial:

  • Safeguard your business from possible risks including delayed payments or debt clearance.
  • Makes sure your company’s cash-flow remains steady and consistent.
  • Forms an important part of due diligence and verification procedure.

Who seems to benefit from Company Background Check?

Whether yours is a small business entity or you’re a large group, background screening can prove to be a smart choice for the growth and development of your company. In case yours is a prominent name in the business industry, the years of hard work and dedication invested in building your identity can go to waste with one wrong decision of collaborating with an unprofessional entity. Meanwhile, startups and entrepreneurs can’t afford to trust the wrong people at the very first step of building their business credibility.

We provide authentic and detailed information in your hands

The team of business investigators at GREVESGROUP® would source information depending upon your requirement. However, the chief categories of information we would dig up for you include financial details including stocks and shares, credit history and ratings, assets and liabilities if any or any bankruptcy history of the company you are planning on collaborating for business. The next category would be of any criminal history. The professionals would work to gather information if there’s any criminal lawsuit filed against the entrepreneur from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, we would also ensure whether there’s any warrant or sanction issue against the individual.

At GREVESGROUP®, we understand how difficult it would be for anyone to conduct a background check of your business associate all on your own since the individual could change his name and business. Our specialists work to authenticate the identity of any individual who would be of interest to you along with unearthing whether he has been using any aliases. This could be counted as one of the many ways we ensure your peace of mind while conducting your business operations or collaborating with a company or individual who holds the same passion towards realizing the entrepreneurial dream.

We at GREVESGROUP® recommend you to opt for liquidation, credit and bankruptcy checks in situations like:

  • When collaborating for roles where the company would be handling the financial aspect of the business, assets, accounts. This would also include cases where they would come on the roles of executives or managers. Hiring for these positions would require for more detailed research including his or his team’s knowledge regarding finances and his credit history. Having an understanding of the financial knowledge of the probable entrepreneur would give you a better idea of whether they would be fit to get involved with the finances of the company. The bankruptcy and credit report designed by our professionals would give you a fair idea of the financial trustworthiness ad integrity of the company.
  • In case you are planning on engaging with suppliers or buyers who could be your potential business partners, it is valuable to get their financials checked including credit history and bankruptcy case if any. Understanding the financial situation of these probable businesses forms an integral part of the due diligence investigation for verifying whether they are reliable and can be trusted in financial matters.

When it comes to business background investigations, we carry out the process by first discussing your business objectives and your requirements including the purpose behind this business partnership and the extent of financial authority your prospective partner would have in this collaboration.

After deliberating thoroughly with you, we assign the job to our experienced and knowledgeable specialists who get started with the job without wasting a minute. Our methodology includes scanning through company registers and records minutely with an objective to discover any bankruptcy or credit lawsuit filed against the company. This is just one of the many steps involved in conducting the research. Once the process is completed, we offer you a detailed summary of the pain areas, with which you would be able to make business decisions smartly.

Why we encourage you to go for a company background check? For a simple reason, that a detailed and thorough investigation into the history of the prospective company would help you do business without any suspense of what the future might hold for your venture.

Being reputed as one of the best background investigation companies in East African Countries, we assure you to help you put up a team that would enhance your business revenue along with safeguarding your company’s reputation in the industry. Employing company background check services would help you:

  • Make a sensible and smart decision while collaborating with a company
  • Safeguard your company against legal accountability
  • Act in accordance with country’s federal regulations

It is very important that the already existing employees of your business partner’s company should follow the same background checks and standards as your employees. This is vital since no matter they’ve associated with you as the third party; they would still become the face of your company and would handle some of your important clients in the future. Learning that your workforce is qualified and comes with a clean past, you can be assured that your business integrity would be maintained.

The team of highly skilled and trained professionals at GREVESGROUP® works with the aim of offering you accurate information within the committed time-frame.

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