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We are really proud to announce EACEYES.AFRICA; an online venture of GREVESGROUP® which is a leading corporate investigation and brand protection company.

Our group is a leading corporate/private investigation firm having its operations spread all over the globe. We have a very vast spread network of associates and teams which work in different sectors of investigations and have been very active in giving highly positive results.

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Corporate Investigation Services in East African Countries

We are really proud to announce EACEYES.AFRICA, an online venture of GREVESGROUP® which is a corporate investgation and brand protection company. We are dealing in almost all the verticals of investigation ranging from Corporate Investigation, Intellectual Property Rights Investigation, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Due Diligence Services, Background Checks, International Test Purchase and many more.

We are providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services to different sectors like the legal sector, Insurance sector, Corporate sector, Fraud Examiners, In-house counsels, Financial Institutions and other private individuals.

We have managed to provide best investigation services to our clients and leading corporate investigation firm having its operations spread all over the globe. We have a very vast spread network of associates and teams which work in different sectors of investigations and have been very active in giving highly positive results.

With a monopoly in the East African region just because of the high percentage of success and satisfied clients. We also have a global footprint, helping our clients getting desired results.

We are East Africa’s leading corporate investigators offering a fast, meticulous, and global services, gained from over two decades experience

  • You’ll receive excellent satisfaction and value from our services
  • We’ll develop a friendly, discrete & personal relationship with you
  • You’ll work with surveillance and information gathering experts who can trace or investigate a person in the shortest time possible

Corporate Investigation Services in East Africa

It’s an era of technology where the number of fakes is more than the facts and for this, it is very important to have precise intelligence services, this is where we pitch in with our experience of more than ten years and understanding plus knowledge of the region from the grass-root level. We make sure that all the investigations are carried out efficiently.

Our methodology of every brief, whether it is straightforward or complex and inter-jurisdictional – is the same. To understand the client’s needs and deliver effective relevant and personalized investigative reports.

Our main motto is client satisfaction and to achieve that we make sure that we reach the root of the problem and find the most authentic result for our client while maintaining confidentiality in the process.

Our group has always been known for Integrity, Confidentiality, Professionalism and Reliability represent and define our core values. Companies these days are pretty clear in their approach they seek best services at the most reasonable costs. This is where we pitch in to provide solutions after which our clients can make sound business decisions. Our success rate has enabled us to lead the charts of investigative services in the East African region. We possess a client list which is envied by our competitors. Apart from the East African countries, we have been able to have our footprints across the globe.

Our team is built around experts consisting of analysts, researchers, legal experts, IT professionals and even forensic investigators. They make sure that you get a piece of honest advice and solution which would help you in making a sound decision.

We impanel multilingual private investigators, national & international contacts and with experience of over a decade in the investigation profession, we are able to trace people globally in a short time and can deliver a service tailored exactly to your requirements, carried out in a deadline that suits you.

The Corporate investigation covers the following:

To demonstrate compliance and co-operation with the authorities we carry out internal investigations on the request of the authorities. This is all done to avoid making legal problems worse. If the issue is investigated properly then the violations regarding the law and other regulations can certainly decrease.

The core mantra of our business is to provide a complete investigative package to the corporate, insurance and legal sectors. The package includes highly trained investigators and uniquely qualified support staff. Our company provides an effective approach to traditional policing methods when dealing with corruption or dishonesty.

We offer immediate response times and prompt well-founded investigations. We provide practical solutions to problems not normally encountered by our clients.

Our collective investigative expertise is superior to any other consultancy in the East Africa region, and our qualifications complement our business. This broad base of knowledge enables us to utilize a wide range of options normally not considered by other investigative teams.

Our corporate investigative services have penetration throughout the East African region. There is a structured team that makes sure no corners are cut during the investigation. With our humungous base of resources, we are capable to carry out an investigation of any scale.

We are licensed and authorized by the respective government agency of the region to carry out our investigative operations in the most transparent and legal way.

Our investigators carry out the tasks in an effective and reliable way making sure the best of the results are achieved for the clients. The team is divided into two groups one handling the on-field investigation and one on the desk. Both the teams work on the research with inputs provided by the client. This synergy and transparency make sure that the desired results are achieved. After the investigation, the confidential report is processed through the hierarchy of the system before it is presented to the client for further feedback and action if required.

Our work has been recognized by multiple government agencies of the region, as a matter of fact, we can proudly say that we have been assisting the govt. in our little way pertaining to certain investigations. As far as the private clients are concerned we make sure that we develop customized services and budget for them to deliver the best results as quickly as possible.

Our primary goal is to provide the corporations in East Africa with reliable services to minimize the risk factor, which includes frauds, malpractice, theft, corporate espionage, fake information amongst other factors which can seriously hamper the working of any company. With GREVESGROUP® investigation services in East Africa you can avail a deep penetration in the region thanks to the vast network of investigators, this way you can also easily monitor the situation in real-time thanks to our team and the latest technology we use to carry out the research.

GREVESGROUP® also provides comprehensive advisory services to its clients. It is pretty much understood how cumbersome the investigation process can be. This is why we have introduced a unique mechanism where complimentary consultation is provided to potential clients. The whole idea is to get the client familiarized with the systems and also to understand the working carried out by our team of diligent investigators and officers.

We value your privacy and any sort of doubt that may crop up at any given point of time. Entire communication shall remain confidential.

Through our network of investigators in East African region countries; Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, we can offer quality investigation services that suit your needs and budget. Feel free to write to us at kindly write to us at [email protected].

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